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"Skinner Luce paints a heroine who's more human than most in her fears and ambitions and who will grab your heart. This book will haunt you long after you put it down."
                      --Omnivoracious, "The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of January"

"A masterly written slowburner... Skinner Luce is a dark and beautiful dystopian hallucination that will keep you simultaneously cringing and wanting more. Lucy glows like an ember of rage and strength in search of personal liberation and redemption."
                    --Seb Doubinsky, author of Song of Synth and Goodbye Babylon

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Graywolf Press, 2003

"War and the tumult of adolescence leave their scars on the hearts of two Beirut-born sisters in this sharply drawn, moving debut about a family in exile." --Publishers Weekly

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