patricia sarrafian ward

     The installation "Re/Vision" recreates a crucial moment in my career, when I was revising a novel and found myself blocked by the pressure to publish and the dread of further rejection. It became clear that I must change my path.  I printed a copy of the novel and shredded it, with this act directly confronting my fear that the novel might 'fail.'

     Freed from conventional narrative and structural forms, I discovered new modes of expression using the shreds, glue, bits of paper, book board.  I did not try to shape an end, but instead focused on each idea as it arose, pursuing it swiftly so as not to lose its essence.  If a piece was not working, I discarded it and moved on, every such gesture becoming a meditation on letting go.

     The installation guides the viewer along my journey of confronting and moving beyond rejection, to delving into the themes of war, nostalgia, and loss that permeate my writing, to finally reaching the roots of these themes and incorporating the memorabilia I have carried with me since I left Lebanon. 
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