The Bullet Collection, Graywolf Press, April 2003
--Recipient of the Hala Maksoud Award for Outstanding Emerging Writer (2005), the GLCA New Writers Award (2004), and the Anahid Literary Award, Columbia University (2003); an earlier version won the Hopwood Award at University of Michigan (1995)
--Widely reviewed in national and international periodicals and newspapers; Booklist starred review; Library Journal Best Book
--Post-publication excerpts in Arts & Opinion (2004); Archipelago 7:3 (2003)

Journal Publications
--Geographies of Light, by Lisa Suheir Majaj (book review), The Electronic Intifada, March 2012 [read it here]
--"East Beirut" (novel excerpt), Guernica, June 2011 [read it here]
--Book of Sins, by Nidaa Khoury
(book review), The Electronic Intifada, April 2011 [read it here]
--"Dead Boys" (novel excerpt), Banipal, Summer 2010
--Touch, by Adania Shibli (book review), The Electronic Intifada, April 2010 [read it here]
--"Paradise Bluffs, 1993: the right to drown" (novel excerpt), Mizna, July 2006
--"War on Willful Ignorance" (serial cartoon), Mizna, July 2005
--"Grief" (short story), On Spec, Summer 2004
--"Ghosts of Home" (excerpts from The Bullet Collection), Ms Magazine, March 2003
--"Ring of Glass" (short story), Epoch 52:1, June 2003
--"Birds" (essay), Ararat, Summer 2002
--"Sitt Munira's War" (short story), Editor's Picks Issue #2, Web del Sol, June 1999
--"The Bullet Collection, Excerpts" (novel excerpt), Ararat "Scenes From Childhood", Autumn 199
--"Day & Night, Bolinas Poems, by Aram Saroyan" (book review), Ararat, Summer 1999
--"A Moment of Quiet" (short story), Hanging Loose, Fall 1998
--"Cemetery of the Acatolicci" (poem), Ararat, Winter 1998
--"Checkpoint" (short story), The Literary Review, Spring 1998 (Web Chapbook Issue)
--"Checkpoint" and "Voice" (short stories) and "Our Country," "Now the War is Over," "With You, Rima," and "The Pumpkin Field" (poems), The Literary Review Web Chapbook,, Spring 1998
--"Survivors of Translation: The Emigrant and His Memoir" (essay), Ararat, Summer 1997
--"How We Are Bound" (short story), Ararat, Autumn 1996
--"The History" (short story), The Literary Review, Spring 1996
--"Soha Goes to Beirut," Eyes on the World I.2, September 1991 (publication distributed nationally to middle schools as education supplement)
--"Beirut" (short story), Sarah Lawrence Literary Magazine, 1988

Public Appearances & Other
--Reading, Celebration of past Anahid Award winners, Armenian Center, Columbia Univ., NY, NY (2014)
--Panelist, "Lubnan: A Literary Evening," Alwan for the Arts, NY, NY (2006)
--Reading, Chateau de Lavigny, Lavigny, Switzerland (2006)
--Panelist, "The Arab-American Novel," Associated Writing Programs Conference, Austin, TX (2006)
--Second Prize, RAWI Writing Contest (2006)
--Guest Speaker, "Childhood in a War Zone," Middle East Studies Brown Bag Series, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (2005)
--Class Visit, NYU, New York, NY (12/8/2005)
--Guest Speaker, American Community School, Beirut, Lebanon (4/05)
--Class Visit, American University of Beirut, Lebanon (4/05)
--Reading, Abril Bookstore (10/04)
--Panelist, "Living and Writing War," Speaker, "Cause of Death," and Workshop Leader, "Finding Your Subject," Pitzer College Writers Festival, Claremont, CA (10/2004)
--Panelist, "Arab-American Literature" and Workshop Leader, "Writer's Blank:  The Art of the Start," American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Convention, Washington, DC (2004)
--Guest Author, Great Lakes Colleges Association; as winner of GLCA Award for fiction, gave readings, critiqued student fiction, and met with students at Albion, Antioch, Denison, DePauw, Earlham, Hope, Kalamazoo, Kenyon, Ohio Wesleyan, Wabash, and College of Wooster (2004)
--Reading, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY (12/9/03)
--Reading, Ziryab series, Cornelia St. Café, NY, NY (11/1/03)
--Reading, Alwan for the Arts, NY, NY (8/6/03)
--Reading, Wordsworth Books, Cambridge, MA (4/29/03)
--First Prize, RAWI Writing Contest (2002)
--Reading, Sarah Lawrence College NY Alumnae/i Writers Night, NY, NY (4/02)
--Merit Award, Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition (1997)
--Reading, Graduate Student reading series, University of Michigan (4/96)


patricia sarrafian ward

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